Welcome to my Website

My mission:  Each individual will find my office a “safe place,” where their stories are taken seriously and they experience a “sense of belonging.”

I was trained in Des Moines, Iowa as an Osteopathic Medical Physician and went on to four-years of specialty training in psychiatry at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am board certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and have received advanced training in Jungian Psychotherapy at the Chicago Jung Institute. I am also a diplomate of the School of Process Oriented Psychology in Portland, Oregon. My approach to healing is an integrated one, as I consider the biological, psychological, and social factors that may affect the sufferings clients bring to me.  My interventions vary accordingly and can include individual therapy with a specialty in dream work, supportive therapy, and expressive therapy. Medication interventions and management are also used when felt appropriate.

If you are a new patient please take the time to read both the Intake Packet and Admission Sheet.